Götterdämmerung in the Infocosmos.

A new star is emerging, which only appears remotely similar to the old one, a digital planet, not larger than the head of a pin.

The "artifact" project focuses the holographic indistinctness of a world, the contours of which were recognizable until now only by extension.

"artifact" staged digital metamorphoses over continental boundaries, an intergalactic trip through the microcosmos of bits and bytes, into the future of communications.Collages, encoded interference patterns, mirrors of hidden associations and meanings, digitally fused cultures appeared.

6 different base subjects went from Germany via Internet over 6 meridians and 30 countries around the world.Modifications of the respectively previous subject were made in each country, in order to return to its starting point as the first interactive collage of digital, visual communication of the world after around half a year.

In this case the "artifact" worked deliberately against the inflationary tendency of interactive as an end in itself, such as the pressure for digital ordering, in order not to jeopardize the reconnection of the respective subject modification with the life style and culture of the individual authors.

If a system, the market reality, becomes increasingly more complex, also the relations within the system become more complex: they acquire another quality, so to speak they work on a higher level.

In dealing with the high and qualitatively unaccustomed demands on market communication this means that it no longer suffices to judge a communicative task "by itself", rather it has become necessary to handle it as embedded in the complex processes of a changing company.

If at Marshall McLuhan's time messages still had to be deciphered via the media, today the message itself is the medium for observation- and identifications processes.

The "artifact" project which was conceived and realized, by Joop Greypink therefore also is to be understood less as business-oriented image activity of the Deutsche Telekom or an example of the application of leading-edge technology, but rather as a creative hint and form of expression of a possibility of dealing with it.
I thank Anke Köplitz for her creative support.

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